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Shuffle Second Gen

10/27/2007 Leave a comment

I found my iPod Shuffle to be extremely nice until…

I got my iPod shuffle and I fell head over heels for it.
Despite the meager storage offering even in a model with no display it was one tight piece of work. The signal to noise was low and the volume itself was impressive for such a small device. It powered my ear cans with no problem. I hate buds. I went through a windshield at 18 years of age and cut my ear all to hell. Since then it has become a pain-play in jamming the bud in repeatedly to get them to stay right in that ear.
I used this shuffle religiously in my ride on the train to work. I can’t stand to hear most people’s conversations at that hour. My tolerance buffer (coffee) has not been consumed at this hour.
once day I plopped into Dave’s car and we rode out to the station. I went to get out and discovered that the mere act of sitting down bent the clip all to hell. Apparently my body is made of sterner flesh than the metal of this device. The shuffle was not bent along the clips mouth. The clip was bent in half along its length.

I was disheartened to say the least and kept muttering to myself:
“I can’t $*%&#% believe this.”
Visions of my past hatred of certain Apple products kept leaping into my head. (5300) I get to work and then have to wait until support is open. Support informs me that they will not repair the device without charge. Obviously I would pay much more than it is worth to get it repaired.
With some frustration and regret I yanked the clip off and now it just drops into a pocket. It is no longer as cool as it had once been. It still sounds fantastic obviously. I just can’t wear it out for easy press. I have to dig in my pockets to get it. Sometimes movement will trigger song changes.
All in all it makes me leery. My experience with this sub $100 mp3 player from Apple does not make me want to go out and buy the $300 model. Time will tell.

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10/26/2007 Leave a comment

Don’t get me wrong.
I love iTunes for a lot of the features:
A choice of how ‘random’ play is. Sound enhancer. Volume Normalization. Stripped down interface.
There are some things that I truly hate about it.
I loathe. I loathe like a million exploding suns that I cannot play flac.
What the hell Apple?
I grin and bear a lot of your retarded crap decisions but I mean… LOSSLESS! Hello? Earth to Jobs? Yes this call is about those blinding flashes of obvious that you keep ignoring. And hey let’s talk about another free thing: OGG. I have hundreds of files in ogg that I have to use another player for. Sure I have tried the hacks to the quicktime lib in the past but that just results in crashes and lockup as well as skyrocketed cpu utilization. Please perform reverse head/anus insertion surgery and give me ogg and flac support you dimwitted morons. Yes I called you dimwitted morons. Does it seem redundant? It shouldn’t. You make morons look smart when you make choices like this.

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