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First things first….
Everytime I saw this guys name I would get hungry….
I can taste steak now….hungry….

This book has one of the lamest covers
I thought Glen Cook cornered the market on good books with crappy covers until this one.

This is not a bod book.
I quite enjoyed it for what it was.
What was it?
Well let me tell you.
This is a Starship Troopers knock off in the best sense.
Armor wears its, obvious, love-affair with Starship Troopers right up front and does not try to hide it.
Then it come sup and bites you with Jack Crow.
Jack is the most developed character in the book and the most mysterious at the same time.
The battles in the book are brutal and vivid without being gratuitous. The character Felix’s fatalism is entrancing.
I would definitely recommend this book out to my friends.
Thanks Pete for the loan!

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Things to do with a Zombie

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I am a big White Zombie fan….
Well that is not entirely true.
Most of their music is crap.
Two of their albums are pure genius.
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1 being the pinnacle of their achievment….IMNSHO.
It is in my top ten fave albums of all time and has been since I first heard it so many years ago.
This is so true that my Ork army is ‘SoulKrusherZ’ and most of the units/bosses are named from that song if not the LSDMV1 album as well as the follow up Astro Creep.
This brings me to my next point.
Just how many times does Rob say Yeah!
Well…..It got me wondering once so I counted in one song: Soulcrusher (my absolute favorite).
He says yeah! 10 times in Soulcrusher.
I have a 45minute to hour drive each way to work so I took it upon myself to count over a couple 3 days:
Songs From LSDMV1:

(Keep in mind this is SONGS. Not the little radio edit filler)

Welcome to the Planet MotherBleeper/Psychoholic Slag: 7

ThunderKiss ’65: 13

Black Sunshine: 18

Soulcrusher: 10

Cosmic Monsters Inc: 9

Spiderbaby (yeah yeah yeah) : an ironic 8 (you would have thought more given the title)

I am Legend: 9

Thrust: 12

Grindhouse a go-go: This is a toss up in my mind. It is either 8 or 32 depending on how you count it. At number 7 they echoplex his vocal on the YEAH! 24 times. now a regular echo might net you two times and I did not count that as I did not count obviously layered effects. This goes as 8/32

Starface: 9

Warp Asylum: This surprised me. I thought this would be the least. Came in at 8

So we have a total of 111/135
An average of 10/12 times per track of SONG.

How lame is my drive home?

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Band of Horses

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This is the best new band I have heard in awhile.
New to me anyhow. Apparently they have been a round for a bit and escaped my notice. The sound is like they are channeling late 80s drone with a melodic hook not seen then.
They will then switch to aching, beautiful acoustic or slow numbers that just fill you up.
Ben Bridwells vocal is a light crystal tone that soars above and comes back to earth to pierce you with its vibrant beautiful sadness.
In case you were unclear….
I love this album.
I love this band.
I am furious there is not more music by them to consume. Shoegazing awesomeness.

I caught them on one of my On-Demand channels on Cox cable (the ‘I Hate’ is silent)
The video for ‘Is There a Ghost’ is kind of ‘meh’ but the music……
The music was great enough for me to seek out their album to give it the full taste.
It has been on repeat for awhile now with no end in sight.
For a day filled with Centaur, Hum, Ryan Adams, Brant Bjork, James F***ing Brown, White Zombie, White Stripes, or the Black Crowes that is saying a LOT.
The album is Cease to Begin by Band of Horses and is available from subpop.

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Top 10 Pumpkins

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To go along with my:

That is when they were cool……maybe I will just call him Sampson…
Lost the hair…lost the groove…hmmm……

Once again these are not in any particular order
3.Bury Me
8.Window Paine
Hey…..larry all those …the list….it is like the …well isn’t that just Gish with some songs that were recorded at the same time….

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Deception Point

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So I managed to finish Deception Point by Dan Brown.

I have read the other books he has written as well.
I would say that this is my favorite out of them all.
This is not paying a a high compliment as I did enjoy this one but the others are barely readable tripe. I find his formula a bit tiresome.
Every one of them seems to happen in the span of a night.
People who have the ability to take out trained killers with nary a thought.
Chains of unlikely events string together like a coincidence necklace.
It is ok once. Twice is pushing it. Three books in and I wonder if he is just a one trick pony….
Actually…after reading the deluge of fecal matter that was the DaVinci Code I KNOW he is a one trick pony.
Deception Point wasn’t all awful though.
….DaVinci Code.
Hey, random dude….what did you think of DaVinci Code?

Did you get the 1 trickness of that?


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Celestine Prophecy

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The Celestine Prophecy…
Whew. …
This book is the Biggest New Age glamorization of stupid idealistic altruism I have ever had the misfortune to read. I finished in macabre fascination that this book was a national bestseller.
The whole concept in this inept book is of “Coincidences”. This has to be the most convenient form of Deus Ex Machina ever put to paper.
It is an easy read. It is made even more so by the complete linearity of the plot.
The pandering to New Age spiritualisms obliterated anything decent in this book.
It was like reading a Born Again Christian fictional story written by a fanatic:
“The Manuscript says…” Hmmm. I have never heard that before:
“Well The Bible says…”
The best part of this fecal fest was the relief I felt when the story was over….That is until I saw the merchandising crap in the back.
This book is so bad I had to go find an image to convey something bad tasting.
I found this random dude on the internet under the image search “gross”.
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Conversations With Dale

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This is Dale:

I found this old conversation with my buddy Dale and it still makes me chuckle.
(15:07:14) subdigi: yo
(15:07:25) greatsouledsam: how come I had to auth you
(15:07:41) subdigi: I didn’t have your greatsouled sam on here…just os ignis on AOL and MSN
(15:07:55) greatsouledsam: gaim?
(15:08:16) subdigi: yeah
(15:08:42) greatsouledsam: w00t
(15:08:44) greatsouledsam: OPENDALE
(15:09:04) greatsouledsam: come into the light my poor little ignorant friend
(15:09:13) subdigi: what? I’m using GAIM! what now?
(15:09:24) greatsouledsam: that is GOOD
(15:09:28) greatsouledsam: that is my point
(15:09:30) greatsouledsam: next step
(15:09:33) subdigi: I’ve been using it for a long time
(15:09:34) greatsouledsam: OpenOffice
(15:09:40) subdigi: I use OpenOffice at home 🙂
(15:09:57) greatsouledsam: NextStep LINUX…..
(15:10:07) subdigi: we even install it on all of our laptops we ship out
(15:10:17) greatsouledsam: **sniff
(15:10:21) greatsouledsam: I am so proud of you
(15:10:23) subdigi: lol
(15:10:25) subdigi: (H)
(15:10:26) greatsouledsam: on this day you are almost a man
(15:10:28) subdigi: I learned from the besty
(15:10:29) subdigi: best
(15:10:41) subdigi: grrr!!! almost!!! grrr!
(15:11:10) greatsouledsam: got to boot into Linux and say once with REAL menace
(15:11:13) greatsouledsam: F*CK WINDOWS
(15:11:16) subdigi: lol
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