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House of Suns

06/02/2008 Leave a comment

Quicky with another story…another review…same author.

That’s why!

I really loved this book.
I loved the pacing.
I loved the idea even if it is another Saganish Contactish type deal.
I think Reynolds did it even more justice.
My only complaint with this one is there is a short story running through about one of the main characters involving a game that you subsume your intelligence to in order to play.
It had no bearing on the story and distracted.
Other than that it was fantastic as all Reynolds is…except Pushing Ice

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Been a long time.

I mean….it IS Alastair Reynolds.
In that case…The book is incredible.
I feel, personally, that since he is writing full time his writing has improved.
yeah I know….impossible right?
No. It is possible and it shows. His characters gain even more depth and his pacing has improved.
My only complaint is that he reveals the bad guy too early…..
Yeah. One complaint.
He is that good.
Wait…..larry how did you read this book? It is not available in America.
Right you are.
I work for an international company….someone in my dept went to Amsterdam. He picked it up and read it on the plane back and handed it to me when he got off the plane….
God bless international companies.

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