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Linux Support. How may I help you?

(12:45:00) Ch@d: any ideas on the sounds
(12:46:55) Os Ignis: what chipset is it?
(12:47:15) Os Ignis: are you a heathen using K or an acolyte using Gnome?
(12:48:01) Ch@d: heathen 🙂
(12:48:17) Os Ignis: go into your sound prefs
(12:48:32) Ch@d: ac’97 audio controller on a IBM Thinkpad t41
(12:48:41) Os Ignis: and make sure the card/chipset is set to ALSA 16 bitWhile we are on a Negative MICROS~1 Campaign...


The Snakepit by Cure

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While we are on a Negative MICROS~1 Campaign…

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I think it is safe to say I don’t like M$.
They have their place and they have done good things in the computer industry. It is just outweiged by all the other malignnt things they delight in.
This is a conversation I just had with my buddy Chad….

Oh yeah….This is Chad…when he was 15…when we were getting into all kinds of trouble..
No no no….those stories are for like…never.
(7:50:32 PM) Foreverkid: : wow is Vista a ^*($*#_ system resource hog. after tweeking it for 2 weeks i finally got it going fast…
(7:50:36 PM) Larry: tried it for ten minutes
(7:50:43 PM) Larry: removed the vm it was installed in
(7:50:52 PM) Larry: have no expectation that I will ever use it
(7:50:59 PM) Foreverkid: vm?
(7:51:06 PM) Larry: virtual machine
(7:51:11 PM) Foreverkid: o i c
(7:51:12 PM) Larry: I assigned it one of my cpus
(7:51:17 PM) Larry: and a gig of ram
(7:51:23 PM) Larry: and it still ran like a piece of ^&$#
(7:52:28 PM) Foreverkid: you gotta disable all “skins” take the pretty out, will look old but rns mega faster… got to have dedicated video too
(7:53:35 PM) Larry: reminds me of games people try to sell me on
(7:53:40 PM) Larry: LOOKS GREAT
(7:53:52 PM) Larry: then you see them playing and they have everything shut off and at a low res
(7:54:01 PM) Larry: because it is the only way it is functional
(7:54:01 PM) Foreverkid: LOL
Ahhhhh. Truth.
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