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Twisted? Pls 3Do kthx!

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JerBearaim ~ $ lol I want them to bring Twisted Metal back
18:58Meaim ~ $ ooooh
18:58Meaim ~ $ nm twisted metal
18:58Meaim ~ $ Twisted
18:58Meaim ~ $ if 3d0 released too twisted
18:58Meaim ~ $ I would pay 100 dollars for it
18:58JerBearaim ~ $ lol I dont think I know it
18:59Meaim ~ $ I would buy the super deluxe rape my wallet version
18:59JerBearaim ~ $ link?
18:59JerBearaim ~ $ any info on the old original?
18:59 Meaim ~ $

Music – Bury Me – Smashing Pumpkins (when they didn’t suck and Billy didn’t need a good tea bagging) – Gish

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Linux Support. How may I help you?

(12:45:00) Ch@d: any ideas on the sounds
(12:46:55) Os Ignis: what chipset is it?
(12:47:15) Os Ignis: are you a heathen using K or an acolyte using Gnome?
(12:48:01) Ch@d: heathen 🙂
(12:48:17) Os Ignis: go into your sound prefs
(12:48:32) Ch@d: ac’97 audio controller on a IBM Thinkpad t41
(12:48:41) Os Ignis: and make sure the card/chipset is set to ALSA 16 bitWhile we are on a Negative MICROS~1 Campaign...


The Snakepit by Cure

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Here is what happens when you correct your wife’s grammar:

(07:35:42) Melissa: it’s up to you, your the one who has to watch nathan
(07:36:05) Os Ignis: you’re
(07:36:24) Melissa: shut up
(07:36:31) Melissa: i haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet
(07:36:44) Melissa: i don’t need my grammer corrected
(07:37:10) Os Ignis: you could probably do Calculus now so YOU shut up
(07:38:25) Melissa: uuummm sure, obviously you haven’t had enough coffee to come up with a good comeback


All Alone by Mad Season

State of Music – From 2005

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The State of Music

So I go over to George’s site. ( I used to work with George in the bowels of M$ subcontracting. Most of the people there were complete morons. But then again…umm….that is true everywhere.)

Actually the M$ people were complete f*cktards. I remember that in that call center I had been there two weeks and was doing the walk-around assistance to the ‘techs’ that worked there. I offered the solutions to the more difficult problems. The M$ reps said
“How long has he been here?”
“2 weeks.”
“Why the hell is he doing advanced trouble-shooting?”
“He is good.”

Let me answer that here and now.
Your product SUCKED.
It still sucks.
Working as a subcontractor for you was when I decided that I needed to get away from Windows entirely….

I get this off his site

all the great artists are gone now.
johnny cash, frank sinatra, william s burroughs, mel torme, john lennon, miles davis, count basie, stevie ray vaughan, and many others
I feel like a baby while writing this, I cant stop tearing up, because I sincerely believe that there will not be anymore great musicians. everything is in the past
what do we have to look forward to now?
good charlottes new cd?
yay 50 cent is going back on tour.

dearest readers, if you never believe anything I say, please believe this

music is dead

I have to sternly disgagree with you George.

So I went to his MSN ID and type:

(08:42:21) OsIgnis: music is not dead
(08:42:33) OsIgnis: Tool and The Black Crowes still make music
(08:42:35) burn: is it just taking a loooong nap?
(08:42:46) burn: tool broke up
(08:42:52) OsIgnis: nope
(08:42:55) OsIgnis: in studio now
(08:43:08) OsIgnis: Crowes broke up but are back together and coming HERE NEXT MONTH
(08:43:10) OsIgnis: w00t
(08:43:26) burn: can you compare those two bands to anyone that i listed?
(08:43:36) burn: or in fact any band around now to those people?
(08:44:05) OsIgnis: no they are better…that is my point…just because the ‘tards that comprise the majority of america listen to shite
(08:44:09) OsIgnis: doesn’t mean that music is dead
(08:44:16) OsIgnis: just that stupidity is rampant
(08:44:46) OsIgnis: HEY……you know what…you just gave me part two of my daily three part blog
(08:45:00) burn: oh really
(08:45:04) OsIgnis: 🙂
(08:45:06) burn: ill have to read that 😛

I misunderstood the part of comparing the bands he listed to those exist now.
He had listed that Thug Idiot 50 cent and those poppy ‘tards Good Charlotte in the post.
The Beatles.
Single greatest rock band EVER.
Sinatra was good, Basie good, etc…
William Burroughs was not in their class. Torme’ either.
Johnny Cash was the f*cking man.
But let us get something straight.
Stevie Ray Vaughn was WAY over-rated.
You left out some people to George.
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
The Doors
James Brown
Black Sabbath
ZZ Top
Jimi Hendrix
I am sure I ma leaving some out but there you go.
The state of music does suck.
There are not as many greats as there once were.
They are still here though.
Blues rock?
Robert Randolph and the Family Band will make you LOVE! (yes they are the Debian of blues)

You like your rock with a LIBERAL dash of a blues flavor?
The Black Crowes are the best at that.

You like heavier stuff?
Tool will rock you. Intellectual flavored. Amazing stuff.

We are in a funk void though. We were doing great until Prince lost his mind. He is probably the most brilliant musician to be born in the last couple hundred years and he just kind of lost it. We are less musically for his void.

Music is not DEAD.
It is hurting.


Dominion by The Sisters of Mercy

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Irony Discussion 2005

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Jer and I chatting:

(08:53:20) Os Ignis: was thinking of running some blog soft
(08:53:22) Os Ignis: here
(08:53:26) Os Ignis: kind of like mark
(08:53:30) JerTWC: cool
(08:53:34) Os Ignis: only….on a real os
(08:53:41) JerTWC: ive got some good irony for your blog
(08:53:49) JerTWC: in its purest form
(08:53:57) Os Ignis: ?
(08:54:06) JerTWC: a guy yesterday
(08:54:22) JerTWC: talking about how we are killing people over oil in Iraq
(08:54:33) JerTWC: so he wont use the AC in his car or this or that
(08:54:41) JerTWC: ask him what he drives…
(08:55:05) JerTWC: a GIANT for expedition
(08:55:16) JerTWC: probably only gets like 3 miles to a gallon
(08:55:17) Os Ignis: LOL
(08:55:33) JerTWC: but he isnt gonna use his AC ’cause we be killin’ folk over oil
(08:55:44) Os Ignis: lol
(08:55:51) Os Ignis: my god people are dumb
(08:55:57) Os Ignis: who is this dumb@ss
(08:55:58) JerTWC: yup
(08:56:00) Os Ignis: ?
(08:56:05) JerTWC: not real sure
(08:56:11) JerTWC: a friend of a friend
(08:56:15) JerTWC: dont really know him
(08:56:19) Os Ignis: you should hit him
(08:56:21) JerTWC: 1st time I met him was last night
(08:56:28) JerTWC: i was thinking about it
(08:56:28) Os Ignis: with a small oil friendly car
(08:56:33) Os Ignis: now THAT would be irony
(08:56:35) JerTWC: like a honda


This Big Hush by Shriekback

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From 2005

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(08:09:57) JerTWC: Larry.. are you aware that you left bad Karma at your old desk here?
(08:11:40) Os Ignis: ?
(08:11:49) JerTWC: yeah… EVERY pc put the dies
(08:11:56) JerTWC: quck and painfully
(08:11:59) JerTWC: quick
(08:12:06) Os Ignis: good
(08:12:18) JerTWC: usually makes some horrible noise or smokes or something
(08:12:31) JerTWC: ONLY at your desk though
(08:12:43) Os Ignis: heh heh he
(08:12:44) JerTWC: its all that negative energy you left behind
(08:13:22) JerTWC: Crow was there… his pc kept dying
(08:13:27) JerTWC: he switched with Chirs
(08:13:34) JerTWC: now Crows pc is fine
(08:13:38) JerTWC: and Chirs blew up
(08:17:03) Os Ignis: hee hee hee
(08:17:30) Os Ignis: maybe if I had been treated better


Plazmakeks by Colour Haze

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As I go digging about part 3 the re-return of the redux part 2

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Another from 2005:


I built ‘stage one’ gentoo this weekend.
I will say that I learned a lot.
As a non graphic server I could see viability.
As a desktop I am not so sure. It took a day to build.
When I tired of Suse and it’s lack of multimedia support, It is SO slick in everything else, I slapped an ubuntu disk in and installed. I fired up Synaptic. I yanked EVERYTHING Gnome. I then installed tons of KDE and when that completed I fired up a term and installed the kubuntu-desktop. I hunted down a missing package in the repo (that irritated me).
Working Deskto machine, including my copied over Gmail in Thunderbird, in under two hours. We are talking CONFIGURED. different kernel, multimedia, the works.

(08:03:11) JerTWC: I saw that movie Jarhead this weekend
(08:03:19) Os Ignis: yeah
(08:03:21) JerTWC: its very American Beuty
(08:03:45) JerTWC: its about a sniper that goes the whole war and never gets to fire his rifle
(08:03:47) Os Ignis: so the main character gets killed by a man who wants some man on man action and is ashamed enough to kill over it?
(08:04:55) JerTWC: hehehehehehehe
(08:04:58) JerTWC: not exactly
(08:05:43) Os Ignis: Main character tooled around the streets in a big ‘ol Firebird getting stoned and trying to score with under age chicks?
(08:06:37) JerTWC: yes
(08:06:43) JerTWC: that is exactly what happened
(08:06:49) JerTWC: but in iraq
(08:07:19) Os Ignis: really?
(08:07:29) JerTWC: yup

When people bitch about America’s unfairness ‘blah blah blah’…
This will leap into mind:

German IT outfit Nutzwerk Ltd has come up with the perfect solution to whining in the workplace – it’s made cheerfulness a contractual obligation, advising those who don’t measure up to the prescribed level of jollity in the morning to stay at home until they cheer up. The plan was prompted by a female employee whose constant complaining prompted the other staff to complain about her complaining.”


III by Toner Low

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