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As I go digging about to consolidate!

09/11/2009 Leave a comment

I am going through and grabbing info from all of my posts I have done since the early 2K.

Trying to grab the ones I like and drop the rest.

I ran across the origin of CHIRS:

chirsSo Chirs sent me his resume:

CHIRS: sent email
(19:00:00) Os Ignis: for?
(19:00:52) Os Ignis: ah
(19:00:58) Os Ignis: your grammar errors abound
(19:02:38) Os Ignis: proprietary is not spelled porpitary
(19:03:29) Os Ignis: implementation not implimentation
(19:04:20) Os Ignis: Motorolla
(19:04:22) Os Ignis: one L
(19:04:50) Os Ignis: Intergrated
(19:04:54) Os Ignis: is integrated
(19:05:36) Os Ignis: what is Stragus
(19:06:22) Os Ignis: at least your own name was spelled right this time

He, quite literally, misspelled his own name on the last resume he sent. That time it was his last name. Chirs comes about because ‘Chris’ had also misspelled his FIRST name.

(19:08:31) CHIRS: 🙂
(19:08:36) CHIRS: hehe I know..
(19:08:51) CHIRS: I have 2 copies..

That is just hogwash. Complete crap. IF he has two copies it is because he realized I would mock him for his idiocy.

(19:08:55) CHIRS: onr for u..that one.
(19:08:59) CHIRS: hehe. redoing mine now
(19:09:11) CHIRS: to fix my stoopid misatkes
(06:42:58) Os Ignis: already did


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