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Ape Iron

11/17/2008 Leave a comment

This is not “news“.
I just love this game. I have loved this since the first time I played 60 hojillion years ago.
I want to rub this in my buddy Dale’s face.
This newer version contains universal binaries and the like. This game is a TON of fun.
Your own backyard was never this dangerous — or this much fun!
Apeiron X costs $15, or $5 for registered users of the original Apeiron.

Ambrosia Software

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Conversations With Dale

01/16/2008 Leave a comment

This is Dale:

I found this old conversation with my buddy Dale and it still makes me chuckle.
(15:07:14) subdigi: yo
(15:07:25) greatsouledsam: how come I had to auth you
(15:07:41) subdigi: I didn’t have your greatsouled sam on here…just os ignis on AOL and MSN
(15:07:55) greatsouledsam: gaim?
(15:08:16) subdigi: yeah
(15:08:42) greatsouledsam: w00t
(15:08:44) greatsouledsam: OPENDALE
(15:09:04) greatsouledsam: come into the light my poor little ignorant friend
(15:09:13) subdigi: what? I’m using GAIM! what now?
(15:09:24) greatsouledsam: that is GOOD
(15:09:28) greatsouledsam: that is my point
(15:09:30) greatsouledsam: next step
(15:09:33) subdigi: I’ve been using it for a long time
(15:09:34) greatsouledsam: OpenOffice
(15:09:40) subdigi: I use OpenOffice at home 🙂
(15:09:57) greatsouledsam: NextStep LINUX…..
(15:10:07) subdigi: we even install it on all of our laptops we ship out
(15:10:17) greatsouledsam: **sniff
(15:10:21) greatsouledsam: I am so proud of you
(15:10:23) subdigi: lol
(15:10:25) subdigi: (H)
(15:10:26) greatsouledsam: on this day you are almost a man
(15:10:28) subdigi: I learned from the besty
(15:10:29) subdigi: best
(15:10:41) subdigi: grrr!!! almost!!! grrr!
(15:11:10) greatsouledsam: got to boot into Linux and say once with REAL menace
(15:11:13) greatsouledsam: F*CK WINDOWS
(15:11:16) subdigi: lol
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