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Deception Point

01/17/2008 Leave a comment

So I managed to finish Deception Point by Dan Brown.

I have read the other books he has written as well.
I would say that this is my favorite out of them all.
This is not paying a a high compliment as I did enjoy this one but the others are barely readable tripe. I find his formula a bit tiresome.
Every one of them seems to happen in the span of a night.
People who have the ability to take out trained killers with nary a thought.
Chains of unlikely events string together like a coincidence necklace.
It is ok once. Twice is pushing it. Three books in and I wonder if he is just a one trick pony….
Actually…after reading the deluge of fecal matter that was the DaVinci Code I KNOW he is a one trick pony.
Deception Point wasn’t all awful though.
….DaVinci Code.
Hey, random dude….what did you think of DaVinci Code?

Did you get the 1 trickness of that?


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Celestine Prophecy

01/16/2008 Leave a comment
The Celestine Prophecy…
Whew. …
This book is the Biggest New Age glamorization of stupid idealistic altruism I have ever had the misfortune to read. I finished in macabre fascination that this book was a national bestseller.
The whole concept in this inept book is of “Coincidences”. This has to be the most convenient form of Deus Ex Machina ever put to paper.
It is an easy read. It is made even more so by the complete linearity of the plot.
The pandering to New Age spiritualisms obliterated anything decent in this book.
It was like reading a Born Again Christian fictional story written by a fanatic:
“The Manuscript says…” Hmmm. I have never heard that before:
“Well The Bible says…”
The best part of this fecal fest was the relief I felt when the story was over….That is until I saw the merchandising crap in the back.
This book is so bad I had to go find an image to convey something bad tasting.
I found this random dude on the internet under the image search “gross”.
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