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Nutty Physics Dude

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This is the incredible true story of a physicist who believed he could project himself to another solar system and live as a swashbuckling interplanetary adventurer. When he was a teenager and living on a Polynesian island, he had read a series of “strange and adventurous” science fiction / fantasy books by an American writer. The protagonist shared his name, and eventually the physicist started thinking he really was the character. But he was still able to maintain a duel identity — he sort of “astral projected” into that fantasy world while keeping the appearance of a skinny-tie wearing physicist.


This stuff is just GREAT.


Good Moanin’ by Dead Meadow

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Scrivener and Writing in General

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So jer:


J and I were talking about writing:

(8:22:08 AM) Me: 40 bucks
(8:24:22 AM) JerBear: yeah… I go through phases… im not sure I would use it enough… or it’s very possible that a useful tool will enlighten me to write more
(8:24:40 AM) Me: for a bit
(8:24:48 AM) Me: but you have to find a regime and stick o it
(8:24:59 AM) Me: set aside a min of 1 hour a day
(8:25:03 AM) JerBear: yeah
(8:25:07 AM) Me: pick that hour each day
(8:25:18 AM) Me: and write whether you want to or no
(8:25:33 AM) Me: listen to me
(8:25:35 AM) Me: like I do it
(8:25:42 AM) Me: but I know it is something that I have to do
(8:25:48 AM) Me: and I have started actually
(8:25:54 AM) JerBear: right now I don’t have anything… every once in a while I am hit with an idea that I start with but can never really finish
(8:26:01 AM) Me: well dude
(8:26:06 AM) Me: it is HARD f**king work
(8:26:11 AM) JerBear: no doubt
(8:26:13 AM) Me: the beaut idea comes and seduces you
(8:26:33 AM) Me: then you realize that idea is into BDSM…so you RUN……but if you let it catch you…you might just enjoy it
(8:27:01 AM) JerBear: hahahaha

Scrivener is the tool I use the most outside of comp books.


Drunken Beats – DJ Lantern

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We’ve heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true.
Robert Wilensky speech at a 1996 conference

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As I go digging about to consolidate!

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I am going through and grabbing info from all of my posts I have done since the early 2K.

Trying to grab the ones I like and drop the rest.

I ran across the origin of CHIRS:

chirsSo Chirs sent me his resume:

CHIRS: sent email
(19:00:00) Os Ignis: for?
(19:00:52) Os Ignis: ah
(19:00:58) Os Ignis: your grammar errors abound
(19:02:38) Os Ignis: proprietary is not spelled porpitary
(19:03:29) Os Ignis: implementation not implimentation
(19:04:20) Os Ignis: Motorolla
(19:04:22) Os Ignis: one L
(19:04:50) Os Ignis: Intergrated
(19:04:54) Os Ignis: is integrated
(19:05:36) Os Ignis: what is Stragus
(19:06:22) Os Ignis: at least your own name was spelled right this time

He, quite literally, misspelled his own name on the last resume he sent. That time it was his last name. Chirs comes about because ‘Chris’ had also misspelled his FIRST name.

(19:08:31) CHIRS: 🙂
(19:08:36) CHIRS: hehe I know..
(19:08:51) CHIRS: I have 2 copies..

That is just hogwash. Complete crap. IF he has two copies it is because he realized I would mock him for his idiocy.

(19:08:55) CHIRS: onr for u..that one.
(19:08:59) CHIRS: hehe. redoing mine now
(19:09:11) CHIRS: to fix my stoopid misatkes
(06:42:58) Os Ignis: already did


Evil machinery on the rise by Toner Low

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Things to do with a Zombie

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I am a big White Zombie fan….
Well that is not entirely true.
Most of their music is crap.
Two of their albums are pure genius.
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1 being the pinnacle of their achievment….IMNSHO.
It is in my top ten fave albums of all time and has been since I first heard it so many years ago.
This is so true that my Ork army is ‘SoulKrusherZ’ and most of the units/bosses are named from that song if not the LSDMV1 album as well as the follow up Astro Creep.
This brings me to my next point.
Just how many times does Rob say Yeah!
Well…..It got me wondering once so I counted in one song: Soulcrusher (my absolute favorite).
He says yeah! 10 times in Soulcrusher.
I have a 45minute to hour drive each way to work so I took it upon myself to count over a couple 3 days:
Songs From LSDMV1:

(Keep in mind this is SONGS. Not the little radio edit filler)

Welcome to the Planet MotherBleeper/Psychoholic Slag: 7

ThunderKiss ’65: 13

Black Sunshine: 18

Soulcrusher: 10

Cosmic Monsters Inc: 9

Spiderbaby (yeah yeah yeah) : an ironic 8 (you would have thought more given the title)

I am Legend: 9

Thrust: 12

Grindhouse a go-go: This is a toss up in my mind. It is either 8 or 32 depending on how you count it. At number 7 they echoplex his vocal on the YEAH! 24 times. now a regular echo might net you two times and I did not count that as I did not count obviously layered effects. This goes as 8/32

Starface: 9

Warp Asylum: This surprised me. I thought this would be the least. Came in at 8

So we have a total of 111/135
An average of 10/12 times per track of SONG.

How lame is my drive home?

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Conversations With Dale

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This is Dale:

I found this old conversation with my buddy Dale and it still makes me chuckle.
(15:07:14) subdigi: yo
(15:07:25) greatsouledsam: how come I had to auth you
(15:07:41) subdigi: I didn’t have your greatsouled sam on here…just os ignis on AOL and MSN
(15:07:55) greatsouledsam: gaim?
(15:08:16) subdigi: yeah
(15:08:42) greatsouledsam: w00t
(15:08:44) greatsouledsam: OPENDALE
(15:09:04) greatsouledsam: come into the light my poor little ignorant friend
(15:09:13) subdigi: what? I’m using GAIM! what now?
(15:09:24) greatsouledsam: that is GOOD
(15:09:28) greatsouledsam: that is my point
(15:09:30) greatsouledsam: next step
(15:09:33) subdigi: I’ve been using it for a long time
(15:09:34) greatsouledsam: OpenOffice
(15:09:40) subdigi: I use OpenOffice at home 🙂
(15:09:57) greatsouledsam: NextStep LINUX…..
(15:10:07) subdigi: we even install it on all of our laptops we ship out
(15:10:17) greatsouledsam: **sniff
(15:10:21) greatsouledsam: I am so proud of you
(15:10:23) subdigi: lol
(15:10:25) subdigi: (H)
(15:10:26) greatsouledsam: on this day you are almost a man
(15:10:28) subdigi: I learned from the besty
(15:10:29) subdigi: best
(15:10:41) subdigi: grrr!!! almost!!! grrr!
(15:11:10) greatsouledsam: got to boot into Linux and say once with REAL menace
(15:11:13) greatsouledsam: F*CK WINDOWS
(15:11:16) subdigi: lol
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