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(08:09:57) JerTWC: Larry.. are you aware that you left bad Karma at your old desk here?
(08:11:40) Os Ignis: ?
(08:11:49) JerTWC: yeah… EVERY pc put the dies
(08:11:56) JerTWC: quck and painfully
(08:11:59) JerTWC: quick
(08:12:06) Os Ignis: good
(08:12:18) JerTWC: usually makes some horrible noise or smokes or something
(08:12:31) JerTWC: ONLY at your desk though
(08:12:43) Os Ignis: heh heh he
(08:12:44) JerTWC: its all that negative energy you left behind
(08:13:22) JerTWC: Crow was there… his pc kept dying
(08:13:27) JerTWC: he switched with Chirs
(08:13:34) JerTWC: now Crows pc is fine
(08:13:38) JerTWC: and Chirs blew up
(08:17:03) Os Ignis: hee hee hee
(08:17:30) Os Ignis: maybe if I had been treated better


Plazmakeks by Colour Haze

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The Return of the Great Devil – From Boing

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This morning in San Francisco, I covered the Apple announcement for Boing Boing Gadgets. The highlights: Steve Jobs made a surprise comeback, iTunes got a makeover, the iPhone has a new OS, iPods got cheaper and slightly fancier, and Norah Jones sang from her upcoming album. Details here: Jobs returns to announce new iTunes, iPhone OS, and Nano with video

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Prince is a Complete F&^%tarded TOOL – My Open Letter

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Look up above this line. This was Prince when he was ultra cool.
ANYONE who knows me can attest to the fact that I am huge prince fan. I have followed his music since 1981. Controversy hit the airwaves and I was just blown away by his intensity and sheer vibrant groove. I followed his career avidly up until Graffiti Bridge…
Prince then wandered a bit into suckness. I started to just gain as much older material as I could. Since Bridge he has been hit and miss. Well..
I guess since Lovesexy then if we want to get all technical.
He came back with strength and stuff on Diamonds and Pearls…
Prince lost his way after that. he has been lucky to have 3 good songs an album….Crystal Ball…..3 cds…..3 good songs….
Here is a little message to Prince:
Prince you are a musical genius but you have lost your way…You are sending fan sites cease and desist letters….AGAIN…..yeah I remember when you did it before. These are your fans you dumbass. These are the people that BUY your music.
I personally don’t know why anymore. Planet Earth is a travesty of a brilliant musician lost in the mire of your own retardation and ego. When you let go you rock like nobodies business. Stop preaching and get funky you asshat.
Since you are clueless let me tell what Prince Fans United’s logo really says…..well maybe you can get it if you THINK for once. Take a look.
That’s right “Prince F*&^k U”.
Does it even enter your head that it might be a bad thing when the people who buy your music put this kind of thing on their page. The pages that the fans go to MORE than yours?
Attacking a lady because her kid was dancing to Let’s Go Crazy on youtube?
WTF is wrong with you?
I found out about this because I, once again, was trying to see the Partyup performance on SNL. I have never seen it and figured someone must share a love of your music and have put it up…..oh but NOoOoOOoOOo your ego has forbidden that.
I will go you one further. You are an @sshole and I am sorry that all this wonderful music I have has to be created by a shortsighted money grubbing little napoleon @sshole such as yourself. If I could NOT like your music I would.
My children will not hear your music if possible. I have already started my two older sons on James Brown to teach them the value of funk. You can go screw.
I hope more people take this tact and you get no further money until you find your way back into the fold. Stop preaching about love you d*&k. No one buys your BS. 
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While we are on a Negative MICROS~1 Campaign…

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I think it is safe to say I don’t like M$.
They have their place and they have done good things in the computer industry. It is just outweiged by all the other malignnt things they delight in.
This is a conversation I just had with my buddy Chad….

Oh yeah….This is Chad…when he was 15…when we were getting into all kinds of trouble..
No no no….those stories are for like…never.
(7:50:32 PM) Foreverkid: : wow is Vista a ^*($*#_ system resource hog. after tweeking it for 2 weeks i finally got it going fast…
(7:50:36 PM) Larry: tried it for ten minutes
(7:50:43 PM) Larry: removed the vm it was installed in
(7:50:52 PM) Larry: have no expectation that I will ever use it
(7:50:59 PM) Foreverkid: vm?
(7:51:06 PM) Larry: virtual machine
(7:51:11 PM) Foreverkid: o i c
(7:51:12 PM) Larry: I assigned it one of my cpus
(7:51:17 PM) Larry: and a gig of ram
(7:51:23 PM) Larry: and it still ran like a piece of ^&$#
(7:52:28 PM) Foreverkid: you gotta disable all “skins” take the pretty out, will look old but rns mega faster… got to have dedicated video too
(7:53:35 PM) Larry: reminds me of games people try to sell me on
(7:53:40 PM) Larry: LOOKS GREAT
(7:53:52 PM) Larry: then you see them playing and they have everything shut off and at a low res
(7:54:01 PM) Larry: because it is the only way it is functional
(7:54:01 PM) Foreverkid: LOL
Ahhhhh. Truth.
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Windows and “Pushing”

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I do have several machines in my house.
I have:

Yes I have Windoze in my house.
I use my Black Macbook(Casper VonWhitenstein) far too often to have it really work as a media server.
I have the windows drives smb mounted to casper for easy push or pull.
My gripe is MS and their thoughts of “We will tell you how to use your machine. We know what is good for you because you cannot choose that for yourself.”
I had several tasks my little media whore was working on.
Microsoft comes along and decides it will restart my %*#&% box after I said NO!
These jerks basically came into my house and shut my computer down. Before anyone asks….YES I do have a legal copy. They came into my house when I said no and %*$(% with my *%&#^.
Personally I feel I am owed a personal call, with apology, from the Great Balding Ape (Balmer) and/or SatanoGates.

I don’t expect it to happen but when you work in computer environments all day you grow attached to how you configure them. I liken my home computers to be like my homes. I feel like I was robbed. Screw them. As soon as I have the time:

Ye olde peng is going back on that box and I will config me up some MythTV
I can then drop smb all together and just use NFS….hmm…yeah…..
I wonder if my wife would give me time this weekend…
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