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Creative Writing

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I am a writer.

I am sure that whoever reads this knows this.

I have file cabs filled with cra….I mean, uh, creative output.

Most of it will never see the light of day.

I am truly focusing on 3 projects.  When I get stuck on one I will hop over to the other one.

This is how I hope to overcome my inability to finish a novel.  I have PLENTY of short stories.

Let’s put some names to these stories/novels/screenplays so I can reference them for future ranting.

1. ER


3. DS

I am currently pretty into ER.

I of course choose a moment that I really want to write to start messing about with my OS.

Who wouldn’t?


For those who don’t know I am a Mac guy.  I loathe Beelzajobbba:


He is a douche.

I could rant for HOURS about what a douche he is.

I digress.

I also love:


I have used them both.

I have been using the mac since like 84/89 I don’t know…a LONG time.

The Mac Plus was the first computer I bought new in 89.

I have been using linux since…hmmm…95?

I used it exclusively at work for a long time.

My new post requires Visio and Project and there are NO good replacements/read/write for those docs in linux ANYWHERE.  I capitulated and use Windows…with a LOT of cygwin for my job.


And putty:


Wow…I digress again.

Well sort of.

The point is that I was interested in being all linuxy for awhile.  There are things in ubuntu linux i truly prefer over the mac and vice-versa.  I grab the ol compaq (the first computer I ever owned that booted into linux FIRST.  I bought it, plugged it in and stuck a linux disk in and installed on it straight away) and stick ub on it.  Long tiresome process that as my fault.

I spent the next couple days after work looking for good writing tools.

Please don’t suggest EMACS….I am staunch Cult of Vi member.

I also do not want to use OOW.

On my mac (Casper VonWhitenstein) I use:


The Scriv.  Scrivener.  El Scrivaducci.

I love this software.  I think…

I know that it is the best out there for getting it done for me.

It has the old fashioned:


Cork-board view for story movement.  Seeing as behind me RIGHT NOW….there is a cork-board for this purpose should tell you how this is for me.  It also has:


Full screen baby.  I love that…  No distractions.  I, of course, being a dude, am visual.

FullScreenEvolvedI put pictures to one side and let that help the contemplation.  NM the crap to the left.  I don’t do that.  Just the pic, the text, and music.  If the dev team put an iTunes controller in there I think I would even REBUY my software.

I use playlists for each story.

I also use:


For the screenplay work.  Nothing comes close for screenplay work as Final Draft.

That being said they are a bunch of monkeyf*ck @sshole douches when it comes to pricing and…


I used to use :


Z write.  This guy has NOT updated even his webpage in forever.  I guess we can assume he is over.

In a prose writer.  You, if you are me, want a good NON LINEAR editor.  Scriv and Z both had this.  The doc contains the ability to make chapters and you just dump what you are working and move to random chapters as you will and write.  Scriv even one ups that with Full Screen and the corkboard.  It out puts to “ready to send” rtfs and what not.


What does ubuntu have?

Nothing that I could find through googling.




Came close.  You don’t have “chapter” insert.  But you can KIND of work around it.  Kate has spell check.  Big bonuses.



Has the fullscreen thing going for it.  What kind of word processor does NOT have spell check.

Lame.  It is a rip on Jer’s WriteRoom:

writeroom-main-screenIt DOES have spell check but is mac only.

I tried more than I could safely say.

I tried windows versioning of Final Draft.  Activation codes just kept failing.  Back in the Final Draft 4 days  I could wine that baby and have no worries.  I even used Final Draft to write my prose back in those days.

I know people are going to suggest :


Yes I tried it.  It has come a long way.  I googled and googled and could not find a way to export as an RTF.


So I would have to copy/paste and then reformat 120-125 pages for a screenplay?  NM if I was doing a novel.


Long story short (too late I know) I went back to Casper and he happily is my writing tool.

Apps make the box….oh….yeah…


Please do NOT write in suggesting the Writer’s Cafe product.  That thing is a hopeless mess of shit.  The storyboard was interesting for about 5 minutes.  It has some good Ideas….it is just executed by retarded monkeys.  The process of writing is hard enough.  To work with something that seems to actively make me want to punch myself for using it?

No thanks.

I welcome any/all ideas people have.


Wasp / Behind The Wall Of Sleep / Bassically / N.I.B. by Black Sabbath



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Linux Support. How may I help you?

(12:45:00) Ch@d: any ideas on the sounds
(12:46:55) Os Ignis: what chipset is it?
(12:47:15) Os Ignis: are you a heathen using K or an acolyte using Gnome?
(12:48:01) Ch@d: heathen 🙂
(12:48:17) Os Ignis: go into your sound prefs
(12:48:32) Ch@d: ac’97 audio controller on a IBM Thinkpad t41
(12:48:41) Os Ignis: and make sure the card/chipset is set to ALSA 16 bitWhile we are on a Negative MICROS~1 Campaign...


The Snakepit by Cure

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A family Visit in 2005 revisited

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My sister made me feel kind of alien.
She kind of wanted to know what I did for work so I started slow you know.
I go into a term window and start running through a few of the simpler things I do in my job.




Things like that.

She just chuckled and made a few comments about how I lost her at the term.
I didn’t attempt any conversation at that point.


So my sister and mom are in town. We have to a bit of the old ‘tourist’ thing while they are here….
We headed out on the Blue Line and got off on The Mall.
This is not a shopping mall folks…
On one side is the paean to Masonry:


Across the way is:


Once you pass beyond the huge phallic rep you have a little sea of green grass that leads on down to the:


Here it is:

This thing is BEAUTIFUL in pictures.
It is a stank nasty rank thing filled with goose poopy and pee pee.
It is a dirty green brown color. The last time my boy, Ty, went by here there was a dead goose in it. This is the first time I have gone because I think Lincoln was a venal demon.

We go up the stairs and into ego land:


This thing is the most pompous display of egotism I have ever been subject too. It is set up to make people come as supplicants to the only ‘Leader’ of America to order Army troops to fire on unarmed civilians of the USA.

I couldn’t leave fast enough.


Sleepy Silver Door by Dead Meadow

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As I go digging about part 3 the re-return of the redux part 2

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Another from 2005:


I built ‘stage one’ gentoo this weekend.
I will say that I learned a lot.
As a non graphic server I could see viability.
As a desktop I am not so sure. It took a day to build.
When I tired of Suse and it’s lack of multimedia support, It is SO slick in everything else, I slapped an ubuntu disk in and installed. I fired up Synaptic. I yanked EVERYTHING Gnome. I then installed tons of KDE and when that completed I fired up a term and installed the kubuntu-desktop. I hunted down a missing package in the repo (that irritated me).
Working Deskto machine, including my copied over Gmail in Thunderbird, in under two hours. We are talking CONFIGURED. different kernel, multimedia, the works.

(08:03:11) JerTWC: I saw that movie Jarhead this weekend
(08:03:19) Os Ignis: yeah
(08:03:21) JerTWC: its very American Beuty
(08:03:45) JerTWC: its about a sniper that goes the whole war and never gets to fire his rifle
(08:03:47) Os Ignis: so the main character gets killed by a man who wants some man on man action and is ashamed enough to kill over it?
(08:04:55) JerTWC: hehehehehehehe
(08:04:58) JerTWC: not exactly
(08:05:43) Os Ignis: Main character tooled around the streets in a big ‘ol Firebird getting stoned and trying to score with under age chicks?
(08:06:37) JerTWC: yes
(08:06:43) JerTWC: that is exactly what happened
(08:06:49) JerTWC: but in iraq
(08:07:19) Os Ignis: really?
(08:07:29) JerTWC: yup

When people bitch about America’s unfairness ‘blah blah blah’…
This will leap into mind:

German IT outfit Nutzwerk Ltd has come up with the perfect solution to whining in the workplace – it’s made cheerfulness a contractual obligation, advising those who don’t measure up to the prescribed level of jollity in the morning to stay at home until they cheer up. The plan was prompted by a female employee whose constant complaining prompted the other staff to complain about her complaining.”


III by Toner Low

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Windows and “Pushing”

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I do have several machines in my house.
I have:

Yes I have Windoze in my house.
I use my Black Macbook(Casper VonWhitenstein) far too often to have it really work as a media server.
I have the windows drives smb mounted to casper for easy push or pull.
My gripe is MS and their thoughts of “We will tell you how to use your machine. We know what is good for you because you cannot choose that for yourself.”
I had several tasks my little media whore was working on.
Microsoft comes along and decides it will restart my %*#&% box after I said NO!
These jerks basically came into my house and shut my computer down. Before anyone asks….YES I do have a legal copy. They came into my house when I said no and %*$(% with my *%&#^.
Personally I feel I am owed a personal call, with apology, from the Great Balding Ape (Balmer) and/or SatanoGates.

I don’t expect it to happen but when you work in computer environments all day you grow attached to how you configure them. I liken my home computers to be like my homes. I feel like I was robbed. Screw them. As soon as I have the time:

Ye olde peng is going back on that box and I will config me up some MythTV
I can then drop smb all together and just use NFS….hmm…yeah…..
I wonder if my wife would give me time this weekend…
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