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Are you a fan of L4D?

09/11/2009 Leave a comment

I know I am…..My wife knows I am a fan of Left 4 Dead.


If I had a BUNCH of spare money just laying around I would do this:


Drooooool at 00:27….

/me makes Homer Simpson drooling sounds.


A great big Thanks to Pete for making my new monitor seem like a tiny little watch screen.


My Home Is The Sea by¬†Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Matt Sweeney

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01/31/2008 Leave a comment

First things first….
Everytime I saw this guys name I would get hungry….
I can taste steak now….hungry….

This book has one of the lamest covers
I thought Glen Cook cornered the market on good books with crappy covers until this one.

This is not a bod book.
I quite enjoyed it for what it was.
What was it?
Well let me tell you.
This is a Starship Troopers knock off in the best sense.
Armor wears its, obvious, love-affair with Starship Troopers right up front and does not try to hide it.
Then it come sup and bites you with Jack Crow.
Jack is the most developed character in the book and the most mysterious at the same time.
The battles in the book are brutal and vivid without being gratuitous. The character Felix’s fatalism is entrancing.
I would definitely recommend this book out to my friends.
Thanks Pete for the loan!

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