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So my buddy Jer and I often greet each other through the relative songs we are listening to.
I have recently expanded his ear with The GOOD Smashing Pumkins…ok…GREAT.
GISH is one of my all time favorites. Twas purchasd back in the cassette days of 89/90.
I loved them. They were profound and beautiful yet had that ROCK vibe.
Then they released Siames Dream and it was ok. Then they released Pisces Iscariot and I was ok with it. Sure I already had everything EXCEPT one song through the magic of the Hut Recordings but it was nice to condense down to one cd vs a slew of singles.
I also had the Peel Sessions….but then Billy made a promise.
The next cd would be a double and it would have one disc of acoustic goodness and one of Gish like goodness.

He lied. We got Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

I refer to it as The Fruit Dog Depression:

(07:58:42) Os Ignis: STAR SAIL
(07:59:01) Jer: STARLA
(08:06:33) Os Ignis: Make it Till Monday
(08:06:44) Jer: ooooooooooh
(08:08:43) Os Ignis: 6 O’Clock
(08:08:52) Os Ignis: today may very well be VERVE Day
(08:08:55) Os Ignis: like they all aren’t
(08:08:56) Os Ignis: 😛
(08:09:04) Jer: hehehehehehehe
(08:09:06) Jer: I hear ya
(08:09:29) Os Ignis: start LPIC and Linux+ today
(08:09:34) Jer: its been a smashing pumpkins or a gish day for me the past few
(08:09:56) Os Ignis: as long as it is not Mellon Crap…….as long as it is not Fruit Dog day
(08:10:11) Jer: HAHAHAHAHAHA
(08:10:16) Jer: but I like fruit dog day
(08:10:21) Os Ignis: NO!
(08:10:24) Os Ignis: BAD JERRY
(08:10:42) Os Ignis: Ruby, Butterfly,1979, and Porcelina are good
(08:10:50) Os Ignis: the rest of that is just retarded stupidness
(08:10:57) Jer: hehehehehehehe
(08:11:06) Jer: and those are the only ones I have off that album
(08:11:11) Os Ignis: good call
(08:11:12) Jer: per your recomendation
(08:11:14) Jer: hehehehehehehe
(08:11:18) Jer: 😀
(08:11:36) Jer: and Ruby is one of my favs
(08:11:40) Os Ignis: don’t believe me? go and download something like stumbilna or
(08:11:46) Os Ignis: we only come out at night
(08:11:59) Os Ignis: you will wonder if he shit his talent out…thru his MOUTH
(08:12:04) Jer: hehehehehehehe


(08:13:36) Os Ignis: there was a comment made by someone I work/worked with
(08:13:46) Os Ignis: that M$ has more web share in the server arena
(08:14:00) Jer: oh yeah
(08:14:08) Os Ignis: according to Netcraft’s Web Server Survey for October. Although relative share fell by 0.67 percent, the total number of sites powered by Apache grew to over 52 million. Microsoft’s IIS finished second with more than 15 million sites served.”

BTW… is now called Fruit Dog and the Infinite Suckness.


Sundazed by Colour Haze

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